Biocide Water Treatment

Chemical oxidizers have long been used in the oilfield for remediation of HS and bacteria. Ace Fluid Solutions’s proprietary ClO2 generator has been proven to be a cost-effective biocide water treatment for the immediate elimination of bacteria and other contaminants. Contamination of source water is a far-reaching concern for production operations that, if left untreated, can cause cascading, long-term problems for fracing and production operations.

Ace Fluid Solutions uses a proprietary and patent pending ClO2 generator system that is extremely safe and effective. When combining ClO2 along with our blend of biocides, our cost-effective process completely oxidizes H2S while also penetrating microorganism protective layers to effectively neutralize water contaminants. Our system design ensures that, no matter the quality or quantity of source water, all water will pass through our automated ClO2 generator, allowing for more flexible treatment strategies that ensure that the treated water meets your quality standards.

In addition to biocides, we offer a scale inhibitor to prevent scale build-ups during production. If left unchecked, buildups can cause blockage in production operations, which can lead to damaged equipment and loss of production. Our treatment system ensures that such impediments to production are prevented before the source water even enters the well bore.

Features & Benefits

EPA Registered biocide for drinking water

Kills all types of microorganisms, both active and dormant

Penetrates biofilm/biomass

Microorganisms cannot acclimate or develop resistance

Environmentally friendly, is not presistent in the environment

Low dose, low residual and short contact time

Does not chlorinate organics or form trihalomethanes

Biocidal activity independent of pH

Does not generate harmful disinfection by-products